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Hódmezővásárhely can be found in the South-Eastern part of the Great Plain of Hungary, 25 km from Szeged. It has the second largest administrative area and it is a significant educational, economical, cultural and art centre of the South Great-Plain Region.


The cultural roots and traditions of Hódmezővásárhely are very rich. Folk-art is unique in the city and its surroundings. The rich patterns of the embroidery, the variety of folk pottery and the hand-made work of wood carvers and leather goods makers preserve the past even today.


The calm and the beauty of the countryside have always attracted artists as well, thus an important and colourful art-life has developed here. The well-known Autumn Exhibition , on show each October, has been organized for more than five decades.


The town has always been a centre of ceramics, too. Around 1900 the number of potters working here was the highest in the country and it was a regional centre of pottery. To preserve and renew this tradition, two main factories opened in the last 100 years, the successors of which are still operating today. In the 1990s the city has decided to become a Central-European Ceramics Centre. As a first step, the International Hódmezővásárhely Ceramics Symposium was formed, attracting famous national and international ceramic artists. In 2006 the Ceramics Artist settlement was opened: a centre for art, education and tourism.

The Municipality finds it important that while preserving common cultural heritage, the ceramics and small crafts sector should be revived at the same time, thus making it an economic driving force in the region. Therefore, in recent years the town has not only started infrastructural regeneration and development, but cultural and artistic rehabilitation as well. 



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